History of the construction of Pernštejn Castle

The extraordinary tour route take visitors through castle places cannot be included in the basic route for technical reasons. The installation is focused on the architectural development of the castle since medieval to modern times. Visitors can descend into the cellars and observe wooden roof of the castle palace. This tour route is for lovers of history and architecture. Only for physically fit people older than 15 years. Single admission, the discount and free admission cannot be applied.

Basic information

  • duration 80 minutes
  • max. 10 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours


Czech guide tour

  • Full 350 CZK
  • Youth 6-18 years 245 CZK
  • Family (2 full + 1-3 kids up to 15 years) 935 CZK
  • Seniors 65+ 245 CZK
  • ISIC or EYCA Cards 245 CZK
  • ZTP/P Guide free
  • Journalist with press accreditation free

reservation needed